New legacy!

As you know TTLOABF died…(nice way to put it…)

My new legacy has a few chapters and is a rainbowacy.

Please read and comment if you like ❤

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Sad news :(

I regret to inform you that due to a major crash in game the Rivierra’s are being put on a very long hiatus…

I am quite upset about this as TTLOABF was my first ever legacy. Fortunately, I have another legacy that I am working on (but never planned on posting) that might end up getting published.

I will continue to read my fans legacies and work on the Rivierras to get them back to normal.

The last two chapters will be posted when I can finish them.


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I find it quite shocking how Vi and her cousin Simon look virtually identical.

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6:7 Being a mother

I knew that I was pregnant before I had any of the symptoms. 2 months after mine and Stefan’s rendezvous my stomach felt like it was constantly doing backflips. I thought I’d leave it for a week to see if it went off. It didn’t and I booked myself in to see the doctor. They confirmed that I was indeed pregnant.

Unfortunately, the baby had some trouble growing. Even though I was walking around with a slight lean I had no bump. I was put on constant medical care and everyday a doctor would come round and do checkups.

Stefan had supported me this whole time and I adored him for that. After a while I decided to make out love permanent by proposing to him.

Two weeks after the proposal I collapsed and was put on constant bed rest. It was annoying for a while but when I found some old books to read it made it all that much better.

My bump finally started becoming more noticeable after 8 months. The doctors were still very concerned that the baby wasn’t growing properly but at least I wasn’t on constant bed rest anymore.

I was meant to take it easy but I didn’t listen and went cleaning throughout the house.

I was asleep for most of the day following my cleaning session. Guess I deserved it really.

The day I gave birth I was bombarded with phonecalls from the press. They asked me all these questions about my baby and my relationship and even my family! I wouldn’t answer any of their questions and I found myself stuttering every time. Eventually I got bored of answering their questions and found myself snapping at every other one that rang up.

It was about half twelve when the contractions started kicking in. I thought it might’ve been from something I ate earlier. This was soon proved wrong when another wave of contractions hit me.

As the contractions got worse I called out for Stefan. Unfortunately, Stefan was at his mother’s so I had no one to tell me it was going to be alright.

After a painful four hours my daughter was brought into the world. I named her Viola-Jane and she was born with the artisitc and genius traits.

As I held my daughter I felt a sense of pride wash over me. I had bought a healthy little girl into the world despite doctors saying she would be born with a defect.

I placed Viola into her crib. Her tiny fingers touched mine and I smiled.

I swiftly got changed into something more appropriate. I whipped out my phone and dialled Mrs. Cooper’s number.

“Good evening Mrs. Cooper. Is Stefan there?” I asked politely.

“Yes he is. What seems to be the problem?” the elderly lady replied.

“I would like him to come home and meet his baby girl.” I explained.

“I understand. I’ll tell him straight away.”

After I rang up Mrs. Cooper I sat and waited for my fiancee to return home.

Stefan practically broke down the door when he walked inside. “Debbie are you OK?” he asked frantically.

I jumped into Stefan’s arms and ssured him I was fine. “Why don’t you go and see your baby daughter?” I suggested.

Once Stefan had put me down I sat and watched him pick up our baby girl.

Stefan walked up to his daughter and picked her up. He picked her up very cautiously as if expecting that one out of place movement might break her.

Once he had put Viola back in her crib he came and sat next to me.

“She’s beautiful.” he said smiling.

“I know she is. She has a beautiful father.” I whispered.

“I love you Debbie.”

“I love you too, Stefan.

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Re-visiting memories?

In the process of chapter making currently. This happened a few days ago but I found it sweet…in a way.

Guess Isla misses her old life…and Asher.

R.I.P beautiful Isla ❤

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6:6 Passion

I said my new forecast to myself in the mirror. I knew most of it off by heart now so running through it was a piece of cake. I had a clear voice and I would probably work really well as a news reader. Problem was I was too nervous and walk freak out…

“You know you’d be really good live.” Stefan commented. Why did he always have to sit in my room? Don’t get me wrong I liked the company and what not but Stefan wasn’t the greatest of talkers. Usually it was a long conversation about being hygenic…

“Yeah right! I’d rather dig a hole in the forest and live in it for a month than go on live TV.” I scoffed.

It was a few days later and around 9 o’clock. I was watching my romantic program. I don’t know why I watch it anymore. Grandpa used to watch it all the time because he said it reminded him of the time he shared with his wife. Since he died I kept watching it. I think I did it to keep his memory alive.

They only ever showed re-runs on the channel I watched it on. They were always from the original series which meant the picture and sound were terrible.

Suddenly I heard a sigh. I looked up and saw Stefan stood behind the TV. He had a sort of longing look in his eyes. Every step he took towards me would suddenly be retraced.

I might not have liked Stefan that much but I hated the way that every time he got near me he would get flustered and run away. “Stefan you can sit down. I’m not going to bite.” I said looking over at him.

Stefan looked reassured but still uncertain.

Stefan sat next to me. He moved slow and cautiously and his legs stiffened like wood.

“You know you don’t have to run away every time you see me.” I explained.

Stefan simply nodded his head acting as if he understood but I knew that he was only nodding to save himself a lot of trouble.

Stefan then went on to explain how he got nervous sometimes and that it was only a disorder he had since he was a child. I nodded at this and pretended to be sympathetic.

We sat and talked for a while. For once the conversation was actually quite nice.

Suddenly Stefan yawned. It wasn’t what I’d call a real yawn it was one of those fake ones you’d sometimes see a man do before he wrapped his arm around his woman.

His hand came down on my shoulder. I felt a hot sweat run through my body. I was tempted to push his hand off but I relaxed once I felt the tensing in his hand disapear.

I pulled a goofy face. I know I said that I didn’t want a relationship but maybe it wouldn’t hurt to try.

Little did I know Stefan was also nervous about being in a relationship.

I leaned into the curve of his arm and relaxed. I felt so safe and loved in his arms. I never noticed how unique his eyes were before.

Suddenly we did something I never thought I’d do…kiss. Trouble was it was me who leaned in for it!

I tore myself away from Stefan. A thousand things whizzed around my mind. How could I have been so dumb?!

“Look Stefan this isn’t going to work. I want to focus on my career and having a relationship will just ruin all my planning.” I explained, softly.

Stefan frowned and his eyebrows knitted together. “Debbie will you at least give me a chance?”

I paused and pretended to think about it. “I’ll make a meal for us this friday. I’ll prove to you that dating me will be a good thing!”

So this is where I am today…getting ready for a date I didn’t really want.

I walked out of the bedroom and into the kitchen. “You look beautiful.” Stefan commented.

I smiled and took his hands. “Thank you. This dress belonged to my grandma Isla.”

Stefan was really sweet to me. He was putting in a lot of effort for our fake date…shame that the same couldn’t be said for me.

Unfortunately, as Stefan gave me the flower the food burnt. Stefan was frustrated but he did his best to cover it up. He made me a cup of cocoa before ordering us a pizza.

The pizza arrived pretty quick which meant it was still warm by the time we began to eat it. Stefan and I talked about how my graduation was today.

Even though I disliked Stefan he was a complete and total sweetheart and waited 2 hours outside of the town hall for my graduation to finish.

A lot of people say that the kiss after graduation is meant to be special. To be honest it felt pretty much the same. This time, however, there seemed to be a lot more passion involved.

Things were getting hot and steamy pretty quick. Before I knew it we were heading down to the bedroom.

As we lay there kissing I began to wonder whether or not Stefan was ‘the one’. I also began to wonder if I was ready to do this right now…

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Yeah my game is being spazzy today so I’m kinda peed off at it.

Anyways I am taking a break from chapter writing to enjoy the holiday season. I will finish writing chapter 6 and then after that I shall have my break and possibly work on my new rainbowcy. 🙂

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