Generation 2 heir vote!

*Authors Note! Hi guys, this is the generation 2 heir vote. First off before I introduce the potential candidates I have to say Curtis is not an heir. This is due to the fact he’s a vampire and I’m not doing a vampiracy. Even though he’s not heir he will have a story that will somehow fit into the main story. He will have a romance with Sachathesims Scarlett Stepson!*

Our first Candidate is Crystal “Crys” Rivierra! Crys is the eldest of the triplets and is definately the most responsible one. She pretends that she doesn’t want a boyfriend when secretly she’s too shy.

Our second candidate is Sapphire Rivierra! Sapphire is the middle triplet and is definatelt the rebellious one. She was often the apple of her parents eye but after getting sick of all the attention she decided she was going to become someone she never wanted to be.

Our last Candidate is Pearl Rivierra! Pearl is the youngest of the triplets and as such strived for her parents attention but never got it. Due to this she became quiet and often secluded from the rest of her family.

*Extra. This doesn’t mean it’s the end of Valentina’s generation yet. I still have a few more chapters in mind!*


Pearl: 2

Sapphire: 1

Crys:1 (that one vote is from a friend who can’t get on )

About Minty

Hello I'm Minty. My real name is Chloe so you can call me whatever. I'm a huge fan of the sims and have been for several years now. I'm currently still in school but I've almost finished now! I also live in England so sorry to all my American amigos.
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4 Responses to Generation 2 heir vote!

  1. StarSarah says:

    I choose Pearl. I always like the underdogs! x

  2. carolineee says:


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